Tandem Consulting LLC helps nonprofit clients, foundations and corporations achieve their goals. The Tandem team provides practical solutions through the processes of strategic and competitive positioning, organizational design and effectiveness, marketing and communication strategy and relationship building.
Who We Are
  Don Greene
  Jack Shultz
  Sharon Greene
What We Do
  Strategic and Competitive Positioning
  Organizational Design and Effectiveness
  Marketing and Communication Strategy
  Facilitating Relationships and Building Partnerships
How We Work
Who We Serve
The consultants are often called upon when an organization is considering a change: it might be a major structural change, a strategic change in direction or focus, a mid-course correction, or the addition of a new program or service. In all cases, Tandem helps to solve problems, create opportunities, improve performance and realize value.   

To contact the Tandem Consulting Team:
970.871.1459 Phone
970.331.9758 Cell

Mailing Address: 
29125 CR 14A
Steamboat Springs, CO  80487